Nordic Training Gear ‚Äď About Us

The company was founded in Sweden, 2020, out of frustration over the very high prices of training accessories found around Sweden. Since the beginning, we at Nordic Training Gear (NTGear) have therefore decided to offer low prices to our customers who are looking for training accessories, but without compromising on quality. This is precisely the basis of NTGear - quality and affordable training accessories!

We at NTGear aim to help you invest properly in your training, so you can work even harder, reach more of your set goals, but above all we want you to succeed. In order to achieve this, we collaborate and work closely with specially selected athletes to constantly receive continuous feedback on our products. All so that together we can become faster, stronger and tougher!

Our philosophy at Nordic Training Gear is that our products should suit everyone. Both for beginners, amateurs or for those who have decided to invest in reaching the top without having to compromise on quality to get there.

NTGear can ensure that the products are made of a durable and heavy-duty material, while also having a nice design. We ensure this by having a close relationship with the factories that manufacture our training accessories, where we are involved in the entire production process.

In 2022, NTGear began an exciting new phase of its expansion and successfully launched its sales in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and the rest of Europe. The continuation of this success carried on into 2023, when we enthusiastically opened up the market in USA.

Nordic Traning Gear's best-selling focus products

NTGear has two products that we invested extra heavily in. It is our "Lever Belt" and "Figure 8 Lifting Straps", two products that should give you stability, more power and be available at a good price. These are not only our most popular products, they are also the ones that started our whole journey to build NTGear.

Lever Belt - Is a handmade leather belt designed for powerlifters, bodybuilders and crossfitters to get the ultimate performance. The high-quality suede leather is made to last for many workouts. The belt helps to tighten the abdominal muscles during the lifts that are heavy.

Figure 8 Lifting Straps - Used mostly when doing deadlifts and locks the hands really tightly in the barbell. The straps are shaped like a figure eight, which means that you who exercise do not have to wrap a lifting straps several times around the bar. Everything to make it go quickly and be easy when doing heavy lifting.

In addition to our fantastic training accessories, NTGear is also proud to offer one the biggest selection of premium smelling salts in the market. Whether you need that extra boost of focus for your workouts or want to stay alert and energized during competition, our range of smelling salts from different brands will cater to all your needs.

NTGear is thrilled to carry exclusive products from brands like Smells Like PR and Obsidian Ammonia. These brands are highly recognized for their quality and effectiveness, ensuring that you get only the best smelling salts for your performance needs. Our carefully curated selection guarantees a perfect fit for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, and can be used for any type of training or competition.

NTGear's vision

Ever since we launched and started NTGear, our vision has been crystal clear. That we will become the obvious choice for everyone who does strength training and become the best supplier and manufacturer of high-quality training accessories and gym products in the Nordics.

Our vision at Nordic Training Gear is therefore that there should be available training accessories for everyone, girls, boys, young, old, beginners and the more experienced who aim for a career in various sports.

High quality from Nordic Training Gear

We can guarantee you that all our training products and accessories are of high quality. Just because we have wallet-friendly prices, Nordic Training Gear will not skimp on either quality or design.

Therefore, we do not skimp on the material, regardless of the product we offer. You will discover this when you take a look at our range. For example, we use genuine leather that is extra soft, to avoid chafing during hard training. Our products must withstand use, both in competition and in the gym.

Why should you choose our products here at NTGear?

Are you looking for products that take your training to the next level, but tired of paying dearly for them? Do you want to avoid training accessories that neither fits and/or tears or loses its fit, just after a couple of months? Is it time to reach new goals?

Then you have come to the right place at NTGear, because it will make a big difference both for your wallet and your lifts! Our promise is to offer you, as a customer, high-quality products at the right price. This and that you as a customer should always be at the center. Don't hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions. Or feel free to browse the website to read more about our wide range.

Together we create better training accessories, where you as a customer can proudly recommend NTGear!

Company Information:
VAT number: SE559324805601

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